Emergence of China as the World’s Leading Power in Research and Development of Stem Cell Technology.

The President and CEO of Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (EHSI) Cindy Morrissey have stated that China is slowly becoming the world’s leading power in the research and development of stem cell technology. Chinese authorities have been supporting and encouraging both research and development of stem cell technology over the recent years which is why some of the most revolutionary achievements in the field of stem cells are reported from China rather than Western countries.

Early in December 2010, a four-year-old girl named Izabelle Evans from the United Kingdom has returned from China where she has received stem cell therapy. Izabelle suffers from a rare disease acquired at birth that causes blindness.

Instead of million nerves that are necessary to see, Izabelle had few hundred only. Her parents have taken her to China where she received stem cells derived from the umbilical cord from healthy babies.

Izabelle, that was completely blind before receiving stem cell treatment can today see three feet in front, while her parents believe that another stem cell therapy could additionally improve the sight of their 4 year old daughter.

Morrissey has stated that she intends to visit China soon in order to meet with Chinese leading scientists in the field of stem cell technology and perhaps even open an office in China. In this case, the EHSI could significantly increase its global influence.

Recently, it has acquired Celulas Genetica – the leading stem cell company in Central America and opened its offices in Germany and Poland in October 2010.

The company is currently also working on gaining of a license for a NASA bioreactor that enables multiplication of stem cell derived from adult tissue. The company is convinced that stem cells from obtained from NASA bioreactor could be used to treat tissue damaged by a disease or injury.