FIV Ab/ FeLV Ag Test Kit


Detects antibodies against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV) antigen. All VetExpert tests are based on the immunochromatographic (IC) method. Immunochromatography is a widely used immunological method: it is called the “wet method”, which means that an accurate result is maintained as long as the nitrocellulose membrane is wet and this time period is specified in the leaflet attached to each test.

In some sporadic cases, when the test dries up, the second line may appear, but this does not mean that the result is positive! The test line contains antibodies against the diagnosed disease, while the control line contains antibodies against the immunogold-labelled monoclonal antibodies.

All VetExpert tests are performed in such a way that they allow confirming or ruling out the presence of a disease with the maximum probability. The presence of the control line is necessary for the result to be correct. If the sample material contains antibodies or antigens, two lines are present: the test line and the control line. Most rapid tests are qualitative: regardless of the degree of staining of the test line (whether the line is thin or thick), the test result is positive. Remember NOT to interpret the test result after the time frame specified in the test package insert!

The Characteristics Of the Method:

– High reliability
– Quick result: 5-10 minutes
– Storage temperature: 2-30ºC
– Long test life

Sensitivity: FIV 96.0%, FeLV 99.9%
Specificity: IVF 98.0%, FeLV 99.9%

Product specifications

Product range: Veterinary

Product code: T8FIVFELV2

Product name

VetExpert FIV Ab/FeLV Ag Rapid Test – 2 tests

Product category

Veterinary Lateral Flow Tests

Brand product: Veterinary

Product Analyte or Application: FeLV, IVF

Product size: 1 x 2 tests

Product storage: 2°C to 30°C

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