Stem Cells derived from Fat Might be Useful in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

A study conducted by Italian scientists at several institutes has shown that stem cells derived form fat have a major potential in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

The Italian researchers have shown that stem cells derived from fatty have the potency of other stem cells which could also make them useful for other applications including treatment of a large number of conditions. The research has been conducted on stem cells derived from adult fat tissue that was obtained from patients who underwent lipoaspiration (removal of fat deposits by surgery).

The Italian scientists are very excited about their discovery not only because they were able to show that adult fat cells could be an important source for stem cells but also due to the fact that they can be found in large quantities and easily obtained from patients who undergo lipoaspiration.

Dr. Stefami Bucher (San Gallicano Institute) and Dr. Rita Falconi (Regina Elena Cancer Institute) have concluded that fatty tissue is very similar to bone marrow in many biological aspects which can make stem cells derived from adult fat cells useful for reconstructive and plastic surgery.

Dr. Falconi emphasized that therapy with stem cells from fatty tissue could be particularly helpful for cancer patients who undergo mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts). Dr. Faconi believes that this method could significantly shorten the period of recovery and subsequently improve the patient’s quality of life (no constipation issues like green poop or black poop).

Dr. Camillo Ricordi (University of Miami’s Cell Transplant Center and Diabetes Research Institute) has also said that stem cells derived from fatty tissue have the potentials for applications other than plastic and reconstructive surgery implying that they may be very useful for the treatment of many conditions including those affecting the muscle, kidney, liver, cardiovascular system, bones, pancreas and the nerves.

However, Dr. Ricordi also emphasized that further studies are required before treatment with stem cells derived from fatty tissue will become available in clinics.