TB Fluorescent Stain Kit

Product Description

Kit of three reagents for the microscopic detection of fluorescence of acid-fast bacteria. Contains TB Auramine-Rhodamine reagent, double the amount of TB Decolorizer Fluorescent, and TB Permanganate reagent as counterstain.


Many bacterial cells stain easily using simple stains or a Gram stain. However, some strains of bacteria, such as Mycobacteria and Nocardia, cannot be stained with simple stains (results can vary significantly if stained successfully). The cell walls of the Mycobacteria strain contain fatty acids that make them difficult to stain. To stain the walls, a higher concentration of stain or a longer heating period is required. However, once stained, the dye is increasingly difficult to remove from the cells.

These bacteria are called acid-resistant because they retain their primary colour even after being treated with acidic alcohol (3% alcohol HCl solution). Fluorescence has been used to detect acid-fast bacteria for many years. This method is more sensitive than the Kinyoun method. Less time is needed to interpret the results. In this method, auramine-rhodamine, and acid alcohol (0.75% alcohol HCl solution) are used as the differentiation medium and potassium permanganate as the counterstain.


Qualification: for microscopy

Quality level: 100

Duration: limited shelf life, the expiration date on the label

Storage temperature.: 2-8°C


The Fluorescent Stain Kit for Mycobacteria is used to stain acid-fast organisms (Mycobacterium sp). in specimens and in culture. This fluorescent method selectively stains mycobacteria by binding the dye to mycolic acid in the cell wall.

Kit Contents:

  • Part 1: Auramine O 0.3 g, Phenol 3.0 g, distilled water 100 ml
  • Part 2: 75% aqueous ethanol 99.5 ml, sodium chloride 0.5 g, hydrochloric acid 0.5 ml
  • Part 3: Potassium permanganate 0.1 g, distilled water 100 ml

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